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Green Thing Belttari's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

Memorial Biography

Green Thing came into my family on June 29, 2002, just after I turned one year old. It did its duty by taking me to the doctor, to pre-school, to get Christmas trees, to pick apples, and hauled us and our overpacked bags on many road trips. It even braved the winter snow and ice up north for 15 years without once running off the road. Green Thing had a rough patch in 2007 when it caught on fire in our garage and almost lit up our house. My father saved it with a fire extinguisher. The car followed us from Virginia to North Carolina. In its lifetime, Green Thing clocked over 152,000 miles without any trouble. Green Thing also survived a teen learning to drive. Sadly, Green Thing suffered in its last year of life. It was the victim of two accidents: a rear-ending first and then a fatal sideswipe while parked on the street, just a mile away from its home. Green Thing lived a great life, and it will be sorely missed. It’s survived by: Robert, who lovingly washed, waxed, and vacuumed it weekly; Susan, its main driver; Bryn, who recently inherited Green Thing; and Oscar the cat, who enjoyed riding in it to the bus stop on rainy days and sitting in the back tailgate when it was open. Burial will be held on Monday, April 9, in the Lancaster Junkyard at 10:00 am. In lieu of flowers, send gas gift card to Bryn Belttari.